What is Wanderlust?


          For those of you who may be wondering “What is wanderlust? Is it a made up word?” Don’t worry, I thought the same thing when I was first introduced to it. Wanderlust is a German word which means to have a strong desire or urge to travel the world. I think this word is so powerful and intriguing because it is a perfect description of travels throughout one’s life. I know most people take the definition very literally but I’d like to challenge you to see it in a new light.  I like to think of life as the world, and travel as our physical, emotional, and spiritual journeys. Life is full of destinations like milestones (graduating college, and turning eighteen, etc.) which is similar to having a goal to reach a certain destination. To me, wanderlust is not limited to only travelling the world, it’s also about your road map and adventures which lead you to who you are and where you will go in life.

         The development of spiritual wanderlust is not what most people would usually associate with the desire to travel. Honestly, if someone presented me with this idea a year ago, I would probably be in the same exact shoes. Like everyone, I have changed a lot. At the beginning of this year, 2016, I rededicated my life to Christ and the word “wanderlust” has been a continual reminder to focus on my relationship with my first love, Jesus. It is a way of resisting the urge to give up and let my mind and body take over. Most importantly, it is a way of continuing my journey to the Kingdom of God. A spiritual wanderlust is about having a desire to persevere and praise him despite the difficulties. Speaking from personal experience, it will not be easy. You will have times where you will go through rainy seasons and dry season. You will have ups and downs. It is a continual uphill battle, but don’t forget that the best part of any hike or journey.. is making it to the top. The view is incredible and completely worth all the blood, sweat, and maybe even tears. Spiritual wanderlust is a choice. It pushes you to become the best version of you. Your desire to travel leads you to into the presence of the Almighty One. Personally, that is my ultimate goal in life.

      Physical and personal wanderlust is what most people would think of based on the description of the word. It is about your urge to experience the world. As a kid, I remember travelling everywhere. My family and I stayed in many different hotels, drove up and down the coast, visited major cities, beaches, theme parks, etc.  I had a great childhood. My parents always tried to expose my brothers and I to different cultures, places, and people. Because of them, I have a completely different perspective on life which I did not realize until high school. Most of my opinions were definitely seen as wrong or taken as an act of rebellion. Being raised in a very conservative community, settling down and getting married after graduating high school was the “norm.” I was judged and called “rebellious”  because of my curiosity and desire to travel. I had no idea that having this “wanderlust” could be such a beautiful and exciting thing. Being able to travel opens your eyes. You don’t always have to go very far away. It can be changing your everyday routine and opening yourself up to new and exciting opportunities.

          I hope that you will think of “wanderlust” in a deeper and more meaningful way. It is one of the few words that really explain life itself and all the difficulties we endure as people.  We all carry our luggage or burdens on our shoulders, but that should never stop us from moving forward and experiencing the world. I hope that through this blog, you will find inspiration and your own sense of wanderlust.